Sweet Dreams 14oz Ritual Candle

$33.33 $42

Scented with a dreamy blend of black currant, french vanilla, black cherries, amber, and hawthorne. 

Topped with Howlite, Rose Buds, Chamomile, and Lavender

Howlite is a crystal that encourages intellectual thought and improves memory, making it the perfect stone to help with dreamwork, lucid dreaming, and dream recall. Our dreams have the ability to reveal important information within our everyday lives. This candle can be used with the intention to promote spirit communication between passed loved ones. Or, if you are seeking advice about an important decision, you can burn this candle with the intention that the answer to your question will be revealed to you through your dreams. Continuous use of this candle and intentional dreaming will lead to an improved mind/body/spirit connection. 

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