A Dream Come True: My 1st Brick and Mortar Store!

Calm & Scents candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and premium double ply wood wicks. Our fragrance oils are phthalate free with no additonal additives or toxins. You are guarenteed a headache free, clean burn every single time!

Soy is a natural substance, rather than non-renewable paraffin wax. Our soy candles burn at a lower temperature than other synthetic waxes, and will burn longer without releasing soot and other harmful toxins into the environment & your home. A burning candle for you, your family and the Earth. 

Calm & Scents was established in December 2019 in my tiny dorm room. At the time, I was a broke student with a big dream. What seemed to be crazy at that time has ended up turning into the greatest adventure! Thank you for following our journey so far online, and stay tuned for the opening of our first retail store in Fall 2022!

By far the best candles I've ever owned! All candles I try usually give me headaches but I can burn these all day with no problem and they smell amazing! My favorite is the banana nut bread! Make sure to set your alarms for the updates! These candles are worth it!


You can really tell how much love Layla puts into her craft. These candles are high quality. They smell great, burn well and come in many cute scents. This makes it tough to choose which ones you’re going to pick! 


Calm and Scents are the best candles I've come across!! Better than the leading brands, and so much more fragrant - plus they're 100% soy and burn cleanly every time. Layla is also extremely friendly, creative, and works well with her customer base. Highly recommend shopping Calm and Scents!


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