About Us

Calm and Scents was created by Layla Renner in December 2019 in a 100 square foot dorm room.

At the time I was a broke girl with a love for candles and a big dream. What seemed to be crazy at the time and wildly uncertain ended up turning into the greatest adventure of my life! I am a first-generation college student who came from a low-income household. At 14, I lost my father who was the greatest businessman I have ever met, and the one who inspired me to start a business. 

Calm and Scents is a way for me to create a tangible piece of peace and happiness with others, which is the greatest gift of healing I can ever be given. As the first college graduate in my family, I now have the opportunity to run Calm and Scents LLC as a full-time registered business with a team of incredible employees! 

I would like to express from the bottom of my heart how much your support means to me. One day, I dream of Calm and Scents becoming a household name. Every order placed is a stepping-stone towards that goal. Thank you sincerely for being a part of that!