Calm and Scents was founded in December 2019 in a dorm room at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. 

At the time I was a broke college student with a love for candles and a big dream. What seemed to be crazy at the time ended up turning into the greatest adventure! I am a first-generation college student who came from a low-income household. At 14, I lost my father who was the greatest businessman I have ever met, and the one who inspired me to start my own business as a way to pay for my college education.

Calm & Scents is a way for me to create a tangible piece of peace and happiness for others. Though life has not always been colorful and happy, this business has been my rainbow after the rain. It has shown me that through community and creativity a lot can be accomplished and healed.

I would like to express from the bottom of my heart how much your support means to me. It is my dream for Calm & Scents to become a household and community name. Thank you for being a part of our story!

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-Layla Renner