When I received my first Calm And Scents candles I was surprised to find that the scent of the candle filled my home before I ever lit it. Her candles are amazing quality and last for a long time. I've bought several now and have yet to find one I'm disappointed with. She seriously has something for everyone. Also, she is always so kind and accommodating to any questions or requests. I can't recommend this shop enough and I know I will always be a returning customer.


I absolutely love Calm and Scents candles. They smell amazing even before you’ve lit them, but the scent is not overpowering once you have. Every sent is rich and complex. It’s near impossible to pick a favorite, as each new scent I get seems to smell even better than the last. (But if you can get your hands on a Night at the Library, definitely give it a try. I don’t know how she captured smell of well-loved books but it’s such a calm and homey scent, you won’t regret it.) These candles not only smell great, but look beautiful, and are sure to spruce up any shelf or table. I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for future updates because these candles are an absolute delight.


Getting a candle from Calm and Scents is an amazing experience. From great customer service, reasonable pricing, fast shipping, cute labels, to everywhere in between. Layla is super helpful, she always tells me which candles have my allergen so that I can be careful but still also have an amazing selection to choose from. Her candles smell unbelievable and can be smelled throughout the whole house. I’ll definitely be buying more!


If you’re a candle lover, go no further than Calm and Scents by Layla! I, myself, have purchased 15+ candles so far, and have never been disappointed. From warm and fruity summer scents to cozy fall fragrances to the holiday classics, Layla’s candles exceed expectations every time! Her creations are so fragrant that you can smell them as soon as you open the box, but they are not overpowering when burned. I have burned my candles for hours, and they still have hours left in them. Layla can also make any candle you dream up, so grab up her customs when you can! Not only do the candles smell heavenly, but they are aesthetically pleasing as well. You can tell how much time, effort, and love she puts into each and every candle poured and labeled. The packaging is meticulous, so damage to the product is rare. You’re also supporting an small business when you buy, and an environmentally friendly one as well. 10/10, do recommend!